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Peaceful Seaside


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Enter into a realm of profound self-discovery and holistic healing.


I extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on a journey towards healing, self-discovery, and connection. I am dedicated to creating a sacred space where energies come together to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.


Whether you seek healing, guidance through a reading, or a loving connection with the spirit realm through mediumship, our sessions are tailored to nurture your well-being.


In our healing sessions, we move into the subtle energies that flow within and around you, identifying and releasing blockages to restore your natural state of vitality. A holistic approach guides our practice, utilizing various modalities to address and transmute physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.


Our readings provide insightful glimpses into your life's path, helping you navigate challenges and embrace opportunities with clarity and purpose.


For those seeking a bridge to the spirit world, our mediumship sessions facilitate communication with loved ones who have passed, offering comfort and understanding.


Embrace the opportunity to begin a journey with us, where healing, guidance, and connection await. To schedule your personalized session, REACH OUT TO ADENA NOW.


Together, let's illuminate the path to your inner peace.

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The Psychic Alchemist Podcast is a captivating exploration of mysticism, energy healing, and spirituality. The episodes seamlessly blend loving experiences, offering healing energy and compassionate psychic readings.


The podcast masterfully creates a bridge between the earthly and celestial realms, channeling messages from the spirit world. It's a beautiful journey, sharing the wisdom of the Universe and ancestors.


The Psychic Alchemist Podcast is a sanctuary for those seeking connection, enlightenment, healing, and the power of spiritual alchemy.



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Adena Jade, Creator of Heart 2 Hands Quantum Healing Method, Psychic Medium

As a first-generation Shamanic Priestess in the INTI Priesthood, I collaborate with guides, angels, and ascended masters to support clients on their journeys to clarity and healing. My own path in healing began in 2003 with the Usui Reiki method, reaching Level 2 Practitioner status. 


Recently, I've refined my approach with my Loving Alchemy Quantum Healing Method© —a practical, high-frequency protocol tailored to utilize a deeper sense of spiritual connection while utilizing the additional frequencies of the heart space.


Using my intuitive gifts, I not only sense clients' experiences but also provide insightful answers to their questions. 


Leveraging my strong connection to the Sun (Ra) and in partnership with Arcturians, I channel high frequency light codes to prioritize DNA activation and repair, key aspects of my healing work. 


For clients seeking assistance, my goal is to provide tangible tools for healing and empowerment through personalized sessions, leveraging the Loving Alchemy Quantum Healing Method© as well as channeling messages from guides and ancestors for a transformative, heart-centered journey.

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Psychic Reading/Mediumship/Tarot & Oracle Readings - Starts at $180

Chakra Balancing, Energetic Attunement, Cord Removal - Starts at $180

Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing - Starts at $180

House Clearing (1 1/2 hour minimum) - Starts at $270

Intuitive Coaching - Starts at $180

Parties and Events (2 hour minimum) - Starts at $360

Loving Alchemy Quantum Healing© Class (click HERE to learn more)

$555 love exchange for in-person 2-day class

$333 paid in full or $37 per week for 9 week virtual class












Gift Certificates available for all services and classes

*Most services can also be facilitated via telephone or video.

**Will travel in the areas of Collier and Lee County (mileage fees incurred over 25 miles). Please inquire about longer distances

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Adena Jade & Jazmine Starr of "The Psychic Alchemist Podcast" - On December 20th, 2023, I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural session of The Psychic Alchemist Podcast conducted by two gifted Sistars. The experience was so overwhelming that I was rendered speechless and my heart was filled beyond words. What began as an unassuming conversation about tarot cards and pendulums transformed into an unforgettable hour of receiving messages from my Guides and even an unexpected visit of a special soul who crossed over two decades ago - my beloved mother. The session was remarkable in every way, from the accuracy with which my mother's illness and pain (breast cancer) were channeled through both ladies, to them exhibiting knowledge of her favourite color and also being able to connect with my anxiety and confirm my deepest desires. It was a truly enchanting experience that I will cherish forever. Thank You Soul Sistars. ~ Eshe

"Thanks to Adena Jade for an amazing experience of healing. Her compassion and light was deeply felt. I highly recommend her!" ~ Anonymous

"A Bajillion stars out of 10!! Adena’s reading was absolutely spot on, and left me in tears. Good tears!! From tackling inner child healing to focusing on my own spiritual path, she helped me feel more confident in myself and the path I am walking. 

She opened her heart and her space for me, arms opened wide, and the whole experience felt like a huge tight and loving hug. The best kinds of hugs. I feel so much better in the decisions I am making to follow my soul’s purpose. 

Adena is a true bright light, helping us to shine our own light." ~ Amber Price

Adena is a master healer! Her divine energy can be felt the minute you walk into the same room with her. Her divine guidance during her healing sessions are not only felt, but seen. 

I walked in a hot mess and left feeling lighter, present and aligned. Adena's healings are not typical energy healings that focus on just one part or another, or on chakras...this is a full on healing for your soul! ~ Andrea Bella Luna 

I truly enjoy working with Adena. She is a skilled Energy Healer. Sensitive and empathetic, Adena can actually feel your energy blockages and pains. She has the ability to move and manipulate the energy within and around you, if you are open to it, to ease the areas where energy is stagnant or blocked in and around your body. 

I usually leave a session with her feeling more invigorated and clear minded, as if I’ve had a shot of coffee. I often reach out to Adena to be blessed by her gift, I’d recommend you do the same. ~ Dulani Moore


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